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Title: A Story About Death and Flowers
Author: hideunspoken
Rating: PG
Warnings: major character death

Summary: Sebastian hated flowers. He would have hated this.

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Author: melblue
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: initial Klaine, Sebklaine, Seblaine, Kurt/OC (endgame Kurtbastian)

Summary: Kurt leaves Blaine and Sebastian. He doesn’t tell them he was going to do this. 

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Title: Something you’ll never forget
Author: Bowtiekryptonite
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, age difference, teacher-student

Summary: Sebastian swipes his V-card with a never expected person.

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Title: Of Secret Missions and Failed Plans
Author: honeydewkisses
Rating: R
Warnings: none

Summary: Kurt is determined to figure out why Sebastian is such an asshole. There has to be a dark past or a hidden sex addiction or something. Kurt sets out to figure out what it is about Sebastian. They end up married along the way.

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Title: Hospital Beds
Author: Dionebacchus
Rating: PG, to go up in later chapters
Warning: forced marriage fic

Summary: Kurt wants to be paired with anyone out of town, and Sebastian doesn’t want marriage at all. But the system is all that the world has, and they will soon find that all they have is each other

Note: all new parts will be reblogged as they are posted.

Update as of 3/5: 40 | 41 | 42 | 43 | 44 | 45

Update as of 3/22: 46

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Title: Unquiet Hands
Author: locked-in
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mentions of abuse, dead Burt

Summary: With the fallout of his father’s passing and the rise of abuse from his stepmother’s part, Kurt is in need of someone to talk to. Anyone. Lo and behold, he finds himself in a chat room under the guise of uglyduckling and soon becomes close with someone under the username willinginfamy. Little does he know that this Infamy is the furthest person he’d ever imagine and complications arise when their little heart to heart turns into affimative action that won’t be put to rest until Kurt is safe at last.

This fic is now complete with Chapter 24 and 25 (the epilogue). You can also read Unquiet Hands in chronological order here. The author has also posted an alternate ending which can be found here. Last is extra poems following the verse in Sebastian’s pov along with extras that can be found here.

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Title: Of busted boards and broken bones
Author: bowtiekryptonite
Rating: PG
Warnings: none

Summary In an attempt to impress his best friend and secret crush Kurt, Sebastian make a total ass of himself.

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Title: Kurtbastian Mob AU [Between the Shadow and the Soul on AO3]
Author: agony-of-xtasy
Rating: NC-17 for smut and themes
Warnings: overall darkness up to and including: semi-graphic description of torture, violence, character death, possessiveness, emotional abuse, dub-con, coercion/blackmail, possible infidelity

Summary: Kurt’s technically always known that Sebastian is the highest on the mafia food chain. But what that really means doesn’t sink in until he overhears hits being ordered, and sees the aftermath. Now, he’s not willing to let his daughter be raised surrounded by this. Kurt makes a tough choice and manages to start a new life undisturbed for three years with his baby girl. Then Sebastian finds him again, and comes in full of threats that Kurt knows he’ll follow through on. But he’s still got that tiny hint of vulnerability, that deeply hidden good heart, and god Kurt missed his husband. So now Kurt’s back among the mixed up morality, danger and love.

Posted up to parts 6 and 7 in case those don’t display at the end of the thread.

Note: All new parts will be reblogged as they’re posted.  

Update as of 3/4: 15 & 16

This fic is now completed! Read parts 17, 18, & 19.

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Title: Seven Minutes in Heaven
Author: flipmeforward
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: cis!girls AU, oral sex, face sitting

Summary: Kate and Seb both end up at the same part, then in the same spin the bottle game, and they might end up in a perfect situation to use each other for a wonderful night. 

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Title: Untitled
Author: father-christophers-combover
Rating: PG
Warnings: bullying, kid!kurtbastian

Summary: This is the story of how Kurt and Sebastian meet.

Another fic in the same verse: Here

Summary: This is the story of Kurt and Sebastian became friends. 

Note: Any possible future fics will be reblogged as they’re posted.