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Title: Skinny (Love) Dipping
Author: coffeelacedwords
Rating: NC-17
Warning: public sex, oral sex, frottage

Summary: Kurt never thought temptation would come in the form of long hair or Sebastian Smythe.

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The Compelled - R


Title: The compelled
Author: Madd4the24
Rating: R
Warning: AU, based on the tvshow “the secret circle”, Character Death, 

SummaryWhen Kurt’s father died in an accidental fire he felt as if the world were ending. The event marked the death of his last living parent and he was forced to uproot from Ohio and move across the country to Washington to stay with his Uncle Andy. Taking the adjustment in stride, Kurt did his best to blend in, lay low, and keep out of trouble until he was old enough to escape to college and away from the pain of his past.

His plan would have worked perfectly well if he hadn’t moved to a town where most of the general population seemed to know him better than he knew himself, and they all certainly knew his father. And then in one single moment Kurt’s life changed once more, throwing him into a world of magic that he could hardly believe existed, and up against forces of power he barely understood, but would destroy him without hesitation.

Note: Chapters 1-5 at link above. All new parts will be reblogged as they’re posted

Update as of 4/8: Part 9

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Title: We can ride on a star
Author: Hinotoriii
Rating: PG
Warning: StarTrek!AU

Summary: Kurt Hummel and Sebastian Smythe had always been rivals, ever since the moment that they first noticed each other in a lecture hall during their first year at Starfleet Academy. But when Sebastian lands himself in trouble over an Academy program, is Kurt annoyed or slightly impressed by the others skills?

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Title: Wanna Be Loved
Author: wednesdaythunder
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, Klaine crush

Badboy!Kurt Dalton AU: Wes is determined to get the Warblers to Nationals, even if it means blackmailing Dalton’s newest student; the somewhat terrifying Kurt Hummel.

Can be read on AO3, LJ, Fanfiction.Net and Sebklaine.Net

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Title: If My Heart Was A House
Author: fllipmeforward
Rating: Eventual NC-17
Warnings: None (To be changed as the story goes on)

Summary: A The Notebook!AU. Kurt and Sebastian meet during the summer between high school and college and fall head over heels in love with each other. They don’t talk about what’s going to happen in September.

Can be read on both FF.net and AO3

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Title: The Hungarian Horntail
Author: Sunday morning on saturday
Rating: PG 
Warning: HarryPotter!AU

Summary: It flew right past them, it was hard for Sebastian not to seize the opportunity, before he even registered what his body was doing, he was running off the castle roof, jumping, landing onto the back of the enormous creature, Kurt yelling something about Sebastian being a ‘God damn idiot’ behind him.

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Author: melblue
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: initial Klaine, Sebklaine, Seblaine, Kurt/OC (endgame Kurtbastian)

Summary: Kurt leaves Blaine and Sebastian. He doesn’t tell them he was going to do this. 

Update as of 4/6: 2

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Title: I’ll Show You What My Baby Penguin Can Do!
Author: ImOnlyaHuman
Rating: NC-17
Warning: smut, homophobia, abduction

Summary: Sebastian was a famous model in Milan, everything in his life was perfect. Simply put he was bored to death. Therefore, he signed up for online dating; searching for someone who would accept him without looking at his appearance first. The result was a beautiful young man from Ohio who had a heart like a saint, named Kurt Hummel. They clicked and became boyfriends in cyber world, until one day something happened and forced the famous model to make a move to defend his beloved boyfriend and reveal his secret.

Note: Chapters 1-7 at link above. All new parts will be reblogged as they’re posted.

Update as of 12/6: 8

Update as of 3/4: 9 & 10

Update as 3/5: 11 & 12

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TitleIt’s No Surprise To Me (I’m My Own Worst Enemy)
Author: adamandkurt
Rating: NC-17
Warning: bp!kurt, slight voyeurism, oral sex, self slut-shaming 

Summary: College roommates Kurtbastian. 

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Title: My Universe Will Never Be The Same
Author: thebatterwitch
Rating: PG-13
Warning: kitty!kurt, mentions of abuse

SummarySebastian hated cats . They creeped the living hell out of Sebastian. Their eyes, their ears, their unpredictable personalities, how they’d stalk you, the arching of their backs. Sebastian just hated them. So, when his parents got him a cat to teach him “responsibility”, Sebastian was less than happy. But when he first saw the cat, it was the last thing he expected.

Chapter 1 | 2