Who runs this blog?

What are your tags?

You can search through our tags HERE.

What are your fic requirements?

Do you take Chris/Grant fic?/Do you post Chris/Grant fic?

Sorry, no. This is for fictional characters only.

Help, the link to Fic X doesn’t work!

More than likely it’s a like to a Livejournal page, right? Livejournal has a bug that will redirect you elsewhere or come up with an error page if you are not logged in to an account. You just need to try the link again until it works. If there’s legitimately an error in a post, let us know.

Help, I can’t find earlier updates to Fic X!

We more than likely deleted old update posts to make the blog easier to navigate. Or we might have accidentally missed one! Either way, FF.Net, AO3, and Livejournal entries are very easy to navigate so you should be able to figure it out on your own. See the next question for the GKM.

How the heck do I use the GKM?!

The GKM recently created its own tutorial post HERE. If there’s a demand for it, we could possibly come up with a quick guide to navigating fills. Just remember that clicking the PARENT link below each comment will bring you to the comment it’s nested under. EXPAND will open up collapsed comments.

Where’s the link to the fic you posted?

Try clicking the title in the header. ;)

I changed my URL! What do I do? / This author changed their URL! What do I do?

Tell us immediately so we can start fixing links. We will do the best we can to find out the author’s new URL.

Is my fic appropriate for this blog? It has Kurtbastian but….

Please feel free to contact us via Submit or Fanmail if you are concerned that your fic may or may not meet our requirements. We go on a case-by-case basis and generally will ask for you to know where your fic is headed. If the fic is completed, we’ll read it at our earliest convenience. If it’s not completed, we’ll keep an eye on it and make a decision at a later date.

Are we allowed to suggest fics?

Yes, we have both our ask box and our submit box open. We appreciate submissions because we often miss things. However, we cannot promise that everything we receive will be posted. We try to read everything we’re sent, but we do get behind on our inbox from time to time and sometimes there will be a fic that’s a hard limit for all four of us.

Please send us a direct link whenever possible, or a story’s title and directions on how to find it if linking isn’t. You’re welcome to submit your own work if you feel like it. When you’re submitting, it’s very helpful to us if you submit a fic already in the proper format, which is this:


Title: (Title as the link to the story)
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17
Warnings: Put the major triggers here (like “violence” or “stepcest”) and anything else you think needs noting (like “initial Klaine” or “semi-public sex” or “AU after The First Time”) If there are no warnings, put Notes: if there’s anything you’d like to say.

Summary: a one paragraph summary if the fic


How can I make sure that a mod at least sees my post and my fic isn’t lost in the #Kurtbastian tag?

  1. Use the tag #Kurtbastian fic on Tumblr. This tag is generally low in discussion so it’s easier to see new fics as they’re posted.
  2. Post it to the Kurt-Sebastian LJ, or under Kurt/Sebastian on Fanfiction.net or Archive of Our Own.
  3. Send it to our submit.

Can we ask general questions?

You can ask us questions to clarify something, ask for a link, or request certain kinds of stories at any time. However, we ask you to do it off anon. We make a conscious, consistent effort not to publish asks if we can help it, in order to keep this blog easy to navigate. We’re very happy to private reply to your questions, and provide any links that we can. But for the most part, anon asks will not be publicly answered. We leave the anon option on so that people can recommend fics or make us aware of updates.

A note about the 6/3 policy change:

Prior to June 3, 2012, this blog tried its hardest to collect every single fic in the Kurtbastian fandom, which meant reading every single fic in the tag or elsewhere. At that time, it was a logical goal for us due to the size of the ship and the amount of stories it was producing. By the second week of the summer hiatus it became clear that the ship had grown to a size and was producing fic a rate that it was no longer logical for the four of us to handle. We discussed many other options, but decided that the best way for us was to take away the pressure altogether.

This blog is officially a “rec blog” instead of a general archive. What this means is that we will continue to post everything we read with the same volume and variety as we had prior to June 3rd. The difference is that we no longer feel guilty if we miss one or two or leave our inbox full for weeks at a time. This allows us to have fun while reading fics and run this blog! We don’t want to regret spending our time in this ship in any way. The less pressure we’re under, the more we’ll read.

We as mods would like to reiterate that we have not stopped trying to read every Kurtbastian fic ever posted. In fact, we have not changed our own reading habits at all, and every fic that we read will still be posted here. We made this change only to make it clear what to expect, because we don’t want to make promises that we can’t keep. In all likelihood, there isn’t going to be any change in our posting style at all. The only change will be how the mods can handle things on a personal level behind the scenes, and happier mods can only mean happier posting.